Sunday, July 18, 2010

Conference Continued

Conference Day

We wanted to take a day to train, equip, encourage, and build up the pastors and their wives while we were here on mission. We invited 7 pastors and their wives to our hotel where we planned a full day for them. The day began with a meet & greet, a little magic, some trivia, and some encouraging words. Lunch was then served and the pastors had some time to socialize with one another. (Which we learned is rare) After lunch, Darrol led a conference for the pastors, and Gertrudis led a conference for the wives. Then the fun really began. We let P & W "SHOP" in a store we set up with about 1000 pounds of donated clothes, shoes, purses, hygiene items etc. They absolutely LOVED this and it was a true blessing to see them enjoy themselves so much. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who contributed and donated and made this possible!

Creatures continued...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

We have seen all types of animals and creatures while in Nicaragua.

Food In Nicaragua

We have not gone hungry to say the least. We have rice with EVERY meal- breakfast, lunch, and supper. I thought you would like to see some of the food we have enjoyed while in Nicaragua.

Youth taking a break

Our youth had some down time and watched a DVD through a laptop. Our youth have been awesome on this trip and have got along amazingly!!!

VBS at Alfa Y Omega

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Off

We had a free day to rest and tour the area. We stopped by to view a beautiful vista over Lake Granada. It is a popular tourist spot to shop. Some of us purchased bracelets. Children create them from the seller's church. He is also a teacher and a preacher. The drive to the Pacific Ocean climbs across mountains and the air was cooler and refreshing like the North Carolina mountains.
Modern tools almost do not exist in the rural areas. As you can see the policia is using a typewriter. He types about as fast as Joel does. Peck. Peck. Peck.
The oxen are the typical mode of transporting wood and construction materials. Cattle is herded along the highways to graze instead of tractors. I'm going to stop complaining to the county when Hwy 630 A needs mowing. I'll just call David McCullers and borrow his cattle. Normally the woman and children herd the cattle with only a stick in hand.
The toll worker manually doesn't flip a switch he raises it by hand. The children, bikes and animials dart in front of the few vehicles traveling on the roads.
Post by Jenny Grenke

Thursday, July 15, 2010

God Moves Us

I love to see how God works through each team member differently. Mission trips tend to reveal the heart. Of course we all have concerns for everything we see here and want to help, but God moves us and uses us each in a different way. I think Linda wants to re-do every preschool in Nicaragua. Every time she sees a preschool, you can see her wheels spinning of what she can send back to improve the lives and education for each of these children. I see many trips to the shipping company in Miami with supplies in our future.

Jenny de Salon

While delivering food packages and tracts with the Dream of Louisa teachers as escorts, one of the teachers inquired of each our professions. When Alma Rosa discovered that Jenny was a hair stylist, she started to glow. She said hair cuts are "very, very, expensive" here. She shared they go a very long time without getting hair cuts. Jenny offered to cut the teachers hair and away she went. I think Jenny would have stayed all day and cut forever if we let her. By the way, hair cuts here cost between 30 and 40 Cordoba, which is around $2.00 to us....that is what she called very expensive!!!

Water Source

These three pictures show the water source that is shared by 300 families. You must lug your buckets to this source to receive water. Sometimes the line can be really long and patience can wear thin. Aren't you thankful if you want a glass of water, want to wash your hands, want to bathe, want to cook, you can turn your faucet on to get water? We are so blessed!