Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Off

We had a free day to rest and tour the area. We stopped by to view a beautiful vista over Lake Granada. It is a popular tourist spot to shop. Some of us purchased bracelets. Children create them from the seller's church. He is also a teacher and a preacher. The drive to the Pacific Ocean climbs across mountains and the air was cooler and refreshing like the North Carolina mountains.
Modern tools almost do not exist in the rural areas. As you can see the policia is using a typewriter. He types about as fast as Joel does. Peck. Peck. Peck.
The oxen are the typical mode of transporting wood and construction materials. Cattle is herded along the highways to graze instead of tractors. I'm going to stop complaining to the county when Hwy 630 A needs mowing. I'll just call David McCullers and borrow his cattle. Normally the woman and children herd the cattle with only a stick in hand.
The toll worker manually doesn't flip a switch he raises it by hand. The children, bikes and animials dart in front of the few vehicles traveling on the roads.
Post by Jenny Grenke

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