Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinatas, Plastic Lawn Chairs, and People

Today the mission team from FBC Frostproof (and beyond) safely arrived in Nagarote. While the flight itself was uneventful, there was quite an event at the airport prior to ticketing. Apparently, American Airlines changed a baggage policy making our 15 or so plastic boxes completely unusable as baggage. So... 17(ish) duffle bags were purchased from the airport gift shop and we repacked it all right in the middle of the airport.

It was a trying moment, but the group all kept calm and we all made it on the plan with time to spare!

After leaving the airport, we visited a home for the mentally handicapped and shared a time of music and pinata busting with them. I know this visit was tough for many of our team members, but we were able to have a little fun with the residents during our short visit.

Here is our bunny pinata, prior to it's beating.

However, before we busted him up, we received a quick tour of their facility. It included walking past two of these make shift wheel chairs. They weren't in use during our visit, and we did see several more that were painted bright colors and didn't include a plastic lawn chair.

As has become the group's custom, we led the residents in the always fun and embarrassing, Choo Choo Waa song and dance.

This particular facility is home to children of all ages, and those who were physically able joined in on the fun.

After we passed out what was left of our candy, the group made a quick stop for this popular photo opp in front of the two volcanoes. Unfortunately, it was cloudy this afternoon and you can't really see the volcanoes in the background.

The plan for tomorrow includes church services, Vacation Bible School, and a tour of the Theriac's farm. Oh, and due to the annual festivities in Nagarote, we'll be treated to a parade around 2 pm tomorrow afternoon!

Do you have any questions for the team members? We'd love to share more about our trip, especially the parts that you find the most interesting! Leave a comment with your questions and we will get the answers to you as soon as we can.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Todd has been working hard all week tiling the church floor of Tribe of Israel. This is the second church he has tackled here in Nagarote. This is an amazing task for a 19 year old to take on, and we are all very proud of him. We are thankful for his continued service and contribution to the people of Nicaragua.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teacher Training at Suenos de Louisa School

Tara and Erin trained the teachers at Suenos de Louisa School while Mary interpreted. Our first year here, we asked the director what the greatest needs were. She told us that her teachers really need training on how to be more effective teachers, but specifically, in teaching reading. When Tara, who teaches reading, said she and another reading teacher in her group would love to train the teachers in reading, I knew God had His hand all over this mission trip. While the rest of the mission team did a VBS and entertained the children, the teachers received a training in how to teach reading.

VBS at Dream of Louisa

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr. Mike's Medical Mission

Sweating and Working

Harvest Assembly's mission team is working hard building a stem wall at Joshua 1:9. This local church is up a steep hill, and it is difficult for elderly to climb. They are creating a stem wall so the property can be back-filled for easier access to the church. This will allow many more people to attend services. Below are some pictures depicting the "old way" of doing things. Construction is just not the same here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Harvest Assembly arrived safe and sound and ready to get to work! I will be sure to steal one of their SD cards tomorrow and share some pictures. For now, this is the only one I was able to snap. It was a little hazy out, but look carefully behind the group to see the volcano.

A Day in Pictures...Day 2

Today we took Mike and Hunter on a Bixi tour of Nagarote.

They brought plenty of toys to hand out to the children.

We took a trip to Leon to pick up a few needed supplies. Around here, there are not too many traffic laws. See if you can count how many American laws are being broken in this photo.

You can purchase just about anything you can imagine in the market.

We had a chance to snap a picture of a cathedral built in the 1700's.

At the end of the day, we met with the pastor's alliance that we work with here in Nagarote. They prayed over our work, and we discussed the plans of both teams. A new pastor has joined the alliance this year, and he happens to be the pastor of the church in Parcelena - which is where we bought the property. God sure revealed a plan in that, as neither he or us knew that we would be neighbors....God is good!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bienvenidos a Nagarote, Nicaragua!

We arrived safely in Nicaragua! Mike, Hunter, Todd, Steve, Stephanie, and Angela have hit the ground running. We made it to Nagarote about 1:15 and started preparations for the two mission teams' arrivals. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures tomorrow, but here are a few of our flight and ride in to Nagarote today.

Travel Day for Team 1

This morning begins the first of nearly 4 weeks of busy, busy work in Nagarote. The Theriacs are leading the first team down today as they fly from Orlando to Miami to Managua. Their travel schedule required an early wake-up call, but judging from their Facebook posts, everyone is in good spirits. Even Todd. 

I'm not sure of the exact schedule for this first week and I'm sure someone from that group will be updating the blog as the internet connection allows, but I do know they will be busy. There are construction projects, Vacation Bible Schools, a street party (I think), plus looking for other opportunities to administer God's love with the beautiful people of Nagarote, Nicaragua.

As you think about it over the next several days, here are some general prayer requests for this team of missionaries:

  • Good hearts: that God would be the focus of their thought life, because apart from Him, they can do nothing of eternal value.
  • Flexibility: No one who goes on a mission trip can forget to pack this tool. Schedules change. Weather changes. Local people live on a different clock. Being flexible helps missionaries listen to what God is doing so they can join Him in it.
  • The people of Nagarote: They are the real reason for the trip. All of the building renovations, songs, and animal balloons are designed to bring people into relationship so the love of God can be shared with them.
If you are reading this blog, we know you already support the work God started 4 years ago in Nagarote. I know that all of the people who are going to serve there this summer appreciate your prayers.
A pre-trip blessing - money donated to purchase 100 Spanish Bibles!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An interview with Steve

You might be interested in an interview I did with Steve Theriac for an episode of my podcast, Christlike Thinking. Here's the episode description:
Buying the Farm: A conversation with mission trip leader Steve Theriac
Steve Theriac is a friend who went on his first international mission trip just four years ago, but is today in the process of moving to Nagarote, Nicaragua, where he bought 54 acres of farmland. Writers, such as Francis Chan and David Platt, along with seeing the desperate needs in one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, made Steve face the call of the gospel. A call to die to self and live in Christ. So, Steve literally and figuratively, bought the farm.

If you want to hear the interview, you can download or stream it directly from this link. Or, you can go through this iTunes page, where you can also download or stream other episodes.

It's almost time!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:6-7

Please be in prayer as two mission teams consisting of 42 people prepare to head to Nicaragua in the next couple of weeks. First, 19 people from Harvest Assembly of God in Lakeland will join us on the mission field in Nagarote. They will be serving from June 24-June 30. Then 17 more people from First Baptist of Frostproof will be joining us from June 30-July 7.

There will also be six of us heading out this Friday morning to get everything ready for the mission teams. We request your continued prayer as we seek His guidance and will. Please join in prayer for protection and safety on this journey. Also pray for the hearts and minds of those that we encounter. We pray that they will feel His presence as we share God's word and His love with all of those we meet along the way and while serving.

Someone from the mission group will be posting pictures and updates every day, so keep coming back to see what God has in store for us.

Coveting your prayers,

Angela T.