Friday, June 22, 2012

Travel Day for Team 1

This morning begins the first of nearly 4 weeks of busy, busy work in Nagarote. The Theriacs are leading the first team down today as they fly from Orlando to Miami to Managua. Their travel schedule required an early wake-up call, but judging from their Facebook posts, everyone is in good spirits. Even Todd. 

I'm not sure of the exact schedule for this first week and I'm sure someone from that group will be updating the blog as the internet connection allows, but I do know they will be busy. There are construction projects, Vacation Bible Schools, a street party (I think), plus looking for other opportunities to administer God's love with the beautiful people of Nagarote, Nicaragua.

As you think about it over the next several days, here are some general prayer requests for this team of missionaries:

  • Good hearts: that God would be the focus of their thought life, because apart from Him, they can do nothing of eternal value.
  • Flexibility: No one who goes on a mission trip can forget to pack this tool. Schedules change. Weather changes. Local people live on a different clock. Being flexible helps missionaries listen to what God is doing so they can join Him in it.
  • The people of Nagarote: They are the real reason for the trip. All of the building renovations, songs, and animal balloons are designed to bring people into relationship so the love of God can be shared with them.
If you are reading this blog, we know you already support the work God started 4 years ago in Nagarote. I know that all of the people who are going to serve there this summer appreciate your prayers.
A pre-trip blessing - money donated to purchase 100 Spanish Bibles!
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  1. Hey guys!!! Casey and I wish we were there!!!!! So many awesome memories! We are praying that the Lord does tremendous things through each of you! We look forward to your updates!

    Heath W.


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