Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinatas, Plastic Lawn Chairs, and People

Today the mission team from FBC Frostproof (and beyond) safely arrived in Nagarote. While the flight itself was uneventful, there was quite an event at the airport prior to ticketing. Apparently, American Airlines changed a baggage policy making our 15 or so plastic boxes completely unusable as baggage. So... 17(ish) duffle bags were purchased from the airport gift shop and we repacked it all right in the middle of the airport.

It was a trying moment, but the group all kept calm and we all made it on the plan with time to spare!

After leaving the airport, we visited a home for the mentally handicapped and shared a time of music and pinata busting with them. I know this visit was tough for many of our team members, but we were able to have a little fun with the residents during our short visit.

Here is our bunny pinata, prior to it's beating.

However, before we busted him up, we received a quick tour of their facility. It included walking past two of these make shift wheel chairs. They weren't in use during our visit, and we did see several more that were painted bright colors and didn't include a plastic lawn chair.

As has become the group's custom, we led the residents in the always fun and embarrassing, Choo Choo Waa song and dance.

This particular facility is home to children of all ages, and those who were physically able joined in on the fun.

After we passed out what was left of our candy, the group made a quick stop for this popular photo opp in front of the two volcanoes. Unfortunately, it was cloudy this afternoon and you can't really see the volcanoes in the background.

The plan for tomorrow includes church services, Vacation Bible School, and a tour of the Theriac's farm. Oh, and due to the annual festivities in Nagarote, we'll be treated to a parade around 2 pm tomorrow afternoon!

Do you have any questions for the team members? We'd love to share more about our trip, especially the parts that you find the most interesting! Leave a comment with your questions and we will get the answers to you as soon as we can.

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