Friday, June 26, 2009

Final Preparation Meeting

Tonight our team met for the last time before coming together again for our commissioning ceremony on July 5th.

We were fortunate to be joined by Rafael who had many insights to share as he just returned from a short-term mission trip to Nagarote with another area group.

The evening started with prayer and a reminder that the buzz word for any short-term missions trip is "flexibility." And we put our flexibility muscles to good use as we adjusted to some last-week changes to our itinerary. Apparently, the orphanage and hospital we intended to visit do not want any foreigners coming due to their worries about the H1N1 virus. Instead, we will be working with Right to Learn and The Rainbow Network. (See our updated itinerary in the right sidebar.)

Each of us presented additional information about our areas of responsibility for the Children's Festival and were able to assure the rest of the team that we are indeed prepared. There was also talk of all the important things to make sure we packed, like flashlights, Immodium, and sneakers since we are going during the rainy season.

And now that all of our team was in the same place at the same time, we took a true team picture. We represent five different churches and all stages of life.
Front: Justyn, Rafael, Crystal, Joe, Shelley, Angela
Middle: Tammy, Rick, Dianna, Rebecca, Aaron
Back: Dyllyn, Bruce, Jennifer, Todd, Steve, Stephanie

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