Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photos from Heartland Nicaragua Challenge

Heartland Nicaragua Challenge is another short-term missions team that wanted to serve the people of Nicaragua. They also had a blog and sent out some email updates regarding their missions experience. Below are a few pictures I received from them of their time in Nicaragua. They weren't labeled, but I'll try to explain what I think they are. Someone please leave a comment and correct me if I am wrong.

A local Christian church. Notice the lack of chairs? Heartland Nicaragua Challenge raised an additional love offering before they left and were able to purchase 50 chairs for 3 separate churches in addition to many other items the churches and pastors needed.
Upon first seeing this photo of an outhouse, I freaked out for a minute and went back to my paperwork. Turns out, we won't have to use this. But it is common in Nagarote.
A street in town. You can see a man riding a bicycle while pulling a 2-person cart. This is a common form of transportation and costs 5 cordoba (which is like $0.25)

Another picture of local transportation, but not the kind we would purchase a fare on.

The Hostal Jerusalen is where we will be staying. It is owned by a Christian couple and will be our home for 10 days. We will also take our meals here as someone has been hired to cook for us. I believe our most common meal will be beans. I like beans. I am also packing some Luna bars! :)

Once we are on the ground in Nagarote, we will have a laptop and slow internet access, so we plan to add more photos of our experience at that time.

Do you have any questions about Nagarote or our trip?

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  1. I saw Arron and Todd Pickin'and Grinin'in the picture.Tell Arron that when ya'll go to church on Sunday to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown for the Offertory if he has his banjo it will even sound better!!LOL!!


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