Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pre-trip Prayer Needs

There are several areas of need that we'd like to ask you to lift up in prayer as we finalize our preparations.
  • The hearts of the people we will meet. That God would prepare them now for our time with them.
  • The hearts of those of us going. That God would prepare them for our time with the locals.
  • Friday, June 28th, our team will have our final mandatory meeting to finalize the logistics of our time in Nagarote. We will all be doing a dry run of our Children's Festival responsibilities.
  • Team unity, good spirits and willing hearts leading up to our travel day (see itinerary in side bar).
  • On-the-ground logistics as final plans are being made in Nagarote.
  • Finances. Several team members are still raising the funds, which are due this Friday, the 28th.
  • No last minute illnesses or passport issues that might prevent someone from going.
Please let us know you will be praying for us by leaving a comment below. It would mean so much to know we will be remembered during our trip.

1 comment:

  1. May you all feel the power of our all knowing, loving and giving Father above as you head out on this mission. We will remember your team in our prayers daily!



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