Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pastoral fellowship

Steve and Angela....

People other than Bruce

OK, Now that I have your attention.... Saturday was a time for the pastors and their wives to have a break and receive some of the pastoral care they devote themselves to giving others. Steve and Angela planned a great lunch for the pastors: carne asada (grilled steak) and pollo asada (grilled chicken). And the team brought and shipped about 1500lbs of clothing. Plus, they brought a treasure of gifts for the pastors and their churches.

This is Gertrudis meeting with the pastors' wives.

Here are Steve and Angela serving lunch to the pastors and wives.

This is the pastors looking through the clothes.

Here are this wives looking through the clothes.

These pastors are holding the microphones and various
electronics they received from the team.

I think this pictures shows that people were having a good time.

This is me telling about the books that were
being given to the pastors.

The guys

The ladies

And Roberto, pastor of Iglesia Filadelfia, is the only
one in the group who has a vehicle. So, he was
volunteered to help everyone get everything home.

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  1. That is a lot of stuff! Think you could get someone to help you label the pictures of the pastors and their wives? Just so we can keep who is who straight?

    Where were these taken? I don't recognize the wood beams and all the beautiful foliage hanging up.


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