Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pastors' Conference - Day 7 (the last)

It is finished.

Of course, it's not finished in the same way Jesus finished. But, nonetheless, my work with the pastors here is finished...for now.

Rafael, some of the pastors, and I met at 2nd Baptist Church again. And today's topic was interpreting the Bible. We spent most of the time talking about parables. And then we talked about proverbs.

After the seminario, I went to the internet cafe and printed a document I made for the pastors. Last week, when I discussed Mark Dever's sermon application grid, I gave some examples from Job, Ezra and James. Well, the pastors were trying to write everything down, but that was going to take a long time. So, I told them I would get copies made for them.

I was finally able to get to the internet cafe and print it. Rafael helped me translate there, too. But, the cafe couldn't print enough copies. So, I took my one copy and walked about 4 blocks to the school supply/copy store. But, it was siesta time, so they were closed. I went back later, got the copies, and then eventually got the copies to Roberto, pastor of Iglesia Filadelfia. And that was the end of my official work here in Nagarote.

Of course, there was a bunch of other great stuff that happened today. But, I'll let someone else blog those stories. Other people have stories to tell, so perhaps you blog readers can encourage them to get on the blog and tell the stories. ;-)

Now, here's a picture of the church.

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