Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Photos from Jenny G

Joel gave Manuel, one of our favorite bixi drivers, some solar lights for the front of his bixi.

Mary Ruth enjoyed some time this week chatting with school girls in the afternoon. She was teaching them a little English and I think they were helping her improve her Spanish. Mike, Mary Ruth,  Richard, and Jenny attended Spanish language classes at the Frostproof Care Center with teacher Muriel Mikealewicz.

Another of Cheyenna's projects were these laminated butterflies at the 2nd Baptist Preschool. The back of these also have a verse about becoming a new creation in Christ. Before we left the preschool on Wednesday, the ladies hung these up in the classroom for the children to remember.

Darlene, a music teacher, and Josue were working on some music.

The story from this next picture comes from Jennifer L herself.
"Today a father rolled his 18 year old daughter to the steps of our hostel. As she began to have a seizure my heart broke as I knew I could do nothing as a nurse to help her! So we began to pray and her seizure stopped! I know that God was with us on that breezy Nicaragua street, filling her body with comfort from his hand! Please continue to pray for strength and mercy!"

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