Monday, July 2, 2012

Visiting the Finca (Farm)

There has been a lot of progress on the Theriac's finca and the team enjoyed visiting and checking out the property.

The footers for the foundation have been poured and they are in the process of filling in the dirt around the walls now. Someone asked about using wood to build the walls, but here, they are made of brick, which requires some very, very tall rebar.

The finca familia does have a new washing machine, but they still dry their laundry on the fence line. Getting 220 electricity out there is one of the long term plans (if I remember correctly).

Steve explaining the new stairs that were recently installed. They sure made the walk to the top of the property easier! Even 4 year old Charlotte was able to do it with no problem.

And here are the new stairs... bonita!

This past fall, they also built a small barn to hold the animals in case of bad weather.

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  1. Yes - we are praying for you and also we are very proud that the team cared so much to go... as we are commanded by our Lord and our FATHER. Bless you all!


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