Saturday, July 7, 2012

Parcelena Party

Wednesday night was our first really big event. We hosted a block party/revival style meeting in Parcelena, the same area where Ranchos de Dios is being built.

To prepare, each team member created a cardboard testimony to share. It was a way for us to relate to those in attendance personally, even though a language barrier exists. Here is an example of one of the testimonies shared.

There is video of the actual sharing, but that upload will have to wait for faster upload times.

The chairs waiting to be filled...

Before the music and message, the team members all shared their crafts or talents with all of the children waiting around. These beaded bracelets were a huge hit every where Jennifer L brought them out!

Stephanie's balloon flowers and animals were also very popular!

Ever heard of ladder golf? If not, here it is! The player tosses 3 sets of balls onto the ladder and tries to get them to stay. This was a definite favorite among both adults and children alike.

Members of a local church brought their musical equipment and speakers out to lead a time of worship before Bruce S delivered a message.

As part of the evening, salvation bracelets were passed out to nearly all of our guests. Some of them included numbers on them for a raffle. Each raffle winner received a yellow Rancho de Dios backpack that included a Spanish Bible, a poster of the 10 Commandments, a pen, a toy, and other random items as we had them available, such as aprons, hand towels, or stuffed animals.

This was the first event of its kind in this location and it went very well. The message was from Zechariah and focused on everyone's need for salvation.

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