Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adopt a Missionary

In an effort to provide for the individual prayer needs, we are presenting you with a list of our Mission: Nagarote team. If you feel led, please pick one of these individuals or families to pray for during our time in Nicaragua. You may also leave a comment below sharing who you will be praying for.

Rick - Associate Pastor of FBC Frostproof, singer extraordinaire, with a great big heart for Jesus. Rick will be our fearless leader and go to guy on the ground in Nagarote. 1st international missions trip

Rebecca - 16 years old and taking her first international missions trip. She will be focusing on the music portion of our Festival and the people of Nagarote are lucky because she sings so beautifully.

Dianna - Already serving full-time in domestic missions in Central FL and now branching out for her first international trip as well. Dianna is extremely comfortable sharing the gospel in English and is looking forward to breaking the language barrier to share it in Spanish.

Raphael - Senior Pastor at a local Spanish Church. He has already been to Nagarote once this summer with another group and was instrumental in organizing our group to go. We are looking forward to his efforts as a translator as well. Let's pray we don't wear him out!

Gertrudis - Raphael's wife and originally from Nagarote. Her family still lives there. She has been in Nagarote since mid-June working with other mission groups and will be waiting for us with a smile on her face (I just know it!)

Tammy, Justin & Dyllyn - Tammy, the mom, is excited to be taking Justin & Dyllyn on their first international trip as a family. Tammy will be helping Dianna with face painting while Justin assists Bruce with the Carnival games and Dyllyn leads recreation time with Aaron.

Joe & Shelley - This trip will serve as a honeymoon for the happy newlyweds. (How cool is that!) They will also be working with the puppets to entertain the children at our Festival. And that should keep them busy as we've heard the children of Nagarote LOVE puppets!

Aaron - He plays the guitar and is a student at Frostproof High School. While we hope he does play his guitar for us some on the trip, he will also be leading the recreation time with Dyllyn during our Children's Festival.

Todd - 16 years old and eager to help the people of Nagarote. Plays bass in the Praise Band rides a unicycle. Will be leading recreation with Aaron during the Children's Festival.

Steve, Angela, & Stephanie - Overcoming her fear of flying, Angela is joining husband and daughter for their first international missions trip. Angela sings in the praise team and will be leading music during the Festival while Steve teaches children how to make wooden cross necklaces, play guitar in the praise band, and entertain the children with his magic tricks. Stephanie is 11 years old and open to working wherever she is most needed.

Bruce, Jennifer, & Charlotte - While both Bruce and Jennifer have been on international mission trips, this will be the first time they have the privilege of going together. Bruce is going to play carny and run some games while Jennifer leads the children in creating butterflies and music makers at the craft booth. Charlotte is almost 2 years old and is going along for the ride.

It would mean a lot to each of us to know someone was specifically lifting us up each day. Don't forget to leave a comment below with your prayer committment!


  1. Lord I pray for Jennifer to have a safe trip and to put a hedge of protection around her and Charlotte and the little Sabin to be.
    I pray that you keep Rick's feet healthy so that he is able to minister as you lead him. I pray that you watch over the whole team that they follow directions about drinking,eating and hygene while in Nagarote so that they will remain healthy and not be sick after they return home.I lift up the people of Nagarote, God open there eyes and ears to see and hear you at work through your missionaries I pray that you bless the givers and the recievers of your truths that will come in the form of song,word and deed. Thank you lord for a team giving of there time to share the life changing story of JESUS. AMEN

  2. To Mema(Dianna) I miss you and I love you and I hope you feel better and hope you get back soon. Bring us something nice when you get back.
    D.J. and Morgan


Thank you for reading about our Mission: Nagarote adventure. Please leave a comment here so the team knows you are thinking about and praying for them.