Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prayer request

Our leadership team has been working diligently to decide what we can do with the money we have that would best serve the needs of the people of Nicaragua while furthering His kingdom. Please pray that we have the wisdom to make the right decisions. Yesterday we bought 200 pounds each of sugar, beans, and rice. With this food, we are giving half to two different schools that feed the poor children each day. Also, last night we made 100 care packages from this. We plan to deliver those to one of the poorest areas along with tracts so we may share the gospel. Another decision we made is to lift up the pastors that work so diligently for so little. We have invited the three pastors we have been working with, and their wives, for a day of fun and rest tomorrow. We are taking them "out of town" for a mini vacation. We are also sending Rick and Raphael to Managua on Tuesday to purchase books to influence their theology and doctrine from a Baptist perspective. Our goal is to build a library for each of these pastors. Also, we are purchasing a Bible curriculum for a local program that holds two sessions a day of school for the poorest children. You have to qualify to go to this school by being in the "poorest" group. We feel the best way to impact this community is through the pastors and the schools. We have also learned that the pastors make $50 a month US money, so they have to have other jobs to support their families. We plan to give each of them cash to equal their monthly salary. Please pray for guidance that we can make sound decisions on how to spend the rest of the money you so generously donated.

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