Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farm Day

On Sunday afternoon of our trip, we visited the farm of Gertrudis's family. It is worked by her 69-year old uncle who has no help and does everything there himself. He rides into town on his bicycle twice a day to eat breakfast and lunch with his wife (who resides in town, not on the farm). Then, he goes back in the afternoon to work the farm and stay there over night.

This is the room the uncle sleeps in. A few people on our team were able to install screens on the windows while we were there to make it more comfortable for sleeping. More breezes and fewer bugs.
 Here is where he showers. Notice, there was no shower head. I guess he takes more of a standing sponge bath from a bucket of water.
 This is his well. I'm not really sure how it operated, but until last year, he had to pull buckets of water for irrigating his crops. Then, he sold his horse and buggy for money to install an irrigation system. (Hence, the reason for the bicycle riding.)
Some roosters... bet he likes getting up early!
It wasn't all work and no rest though... Rick, Stephanie, and Rebecca did hang out in the hammock for a little bit.
Dyllyn found a cool place to hang out... okay, not really. The ladder was really rickety and he came down pretty quickly.

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