Friday, July 10, 2009

Prayer & Praise - Friday Night Version

Angela posted some prayer requests yesterday morning and I wanted to post an update where I could. I am alone here while Charlotte sleeps and the rest of the group is at our revival meeting. Certainly there are things everyone would want to share with their friends and family checking up, I just don't know what they are.

Jennifer - Charlotte's fever is broken. Her appetite is almost back to normal. She has resumed normal sleep patterns. God is good!

Rick - Last night at revival, I believe the report was 6 people made decisions to follow Christ and there were a few decisions to rededicate lives. Maranatha!

Rafael - He is preaching the last night of revival as I type this, on Luke 16. Pray that hearts will be turned and seeds will be planted. Eternity is at stake.

Oh, and today the team was able to finish the delivery of a bed to a blind man sleeping on an old door. This is a great story and I'll ask someone who was there and took pictures to share them. I did hear that when he fell asleep in his new bed the first night he thought he was sleeping with angels! God has been so good to show us how we can be His hands and feet here in Nagarote.

If you are reading this and would like a specific update from one of our team members, leave a comment and Angela or I will get the message to them as soon as it is possible.

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  1. I would like to here how the teens are taking this all in!
    You know the bible tells us that we will have the poor with us always but I don't think it means we should shrug our shoulders and say OH Well!I think it is easy to have that feeling in the US where a good portion of the time our poverty comes from poor decisions that we make ourselves but to describe poverty in the US compared to a place like Nagarote, Honduras or Africa more than likly our poverty in the US would be middle class or the upper class in some of these countries and yes we have some folks that are in the US that are in bad shape and it seems we have some sort of Gov. help for all and you wonder why they fall thru the cracks.I am still struck by the pics from today of the places folks call home, I sent out a massive email to folks at work and other to take a look at what God is doing thru your group and
    I PUT IN THE SUBJECT LINE I AM SPOILED HOW ABOUT YOU! I recieved a comment back form Steve Maxwell that said yes we are spoiled but he said he like to look at it from a different perspective that whom much is given much is required. That is so true and I think that is why all of you are there much has been given to you and much is required. I know that we all hope to get to hear Jesus say Well Done Thy Good and Faithful Servant but let me be one to tell you on this side of Heaven,WELL DONE Team!!!Still praying for safety and health and that lifes be changed forever.
    Thank You For Serving the Lord for I am a Life that has Been Changed!!!
    In Christ, Freddie


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