Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photos from Right to Learn

Louisia's Dream was to start a school. And while she wasn't interested in doing so in the name of God, we were still able to visit her school today and share the gospel with ~90 students plus their teachers.

We conducted a similar Children's Carnival there this morning and it was quite different. Being a school, the children were expected to behave accordingly and were very polite, some even speaking a few words of English. (Not that they were rude the day before, but it was loosely organized chaos with 300 children and only 18 adults, including our 2 translators.)

About half of the students were waiting when we arrived, assembled in the common area.

thursday louisa's dream 001c

Steve helped the first class decorate wooden crosses he bought for ~$0.10 US each on eBay. The most popular decorative effect were the glitter pens.

 thursday louisa's dream 007c

Eventually he got smart and remembered he was no longer a young 37 and pulled a table over to ease the burden on his old legs. :)

thursday louisa's dream 040c

Justyn and Aaron were leading recreation. The young boys were so eager to play ball themselves, they told Justyn and Aaron to sit down and take a break. Think Justyn might have a future as a PE teacher? :)

 thursday louisa's dream 015c

A young girl showing off her new glittery, wooden cross.thursday louisa's dream 018c

The boys playing futbol.

thursday louisa's dream 026c 

One of the classrooms.

 thursday louisa's dream 003c

Stephanie and Angela painted the female students' nails. This was a big hit and even Gertrudis joined in!

thursday louisa's dream 020c   thursday louisa's dream 038c

At each of our Children's Carnivals, we are providing a small snack of a cracker with peanut butter on it and a cold drink. The kids were eager to be in these lines!

thursday bruce 049c

Dylllyn is leading the children in a bean bag toss. Notice the lines... this is one of the differences between being in a school environment and being at a church.

thursday bruce 031c

And of course, during music time, they sang a song called "Che-Che-Wa-Wa." The song is from Peru and title is a made up word. It is just a fun way to break the singing ice before Angela and Rebecca begin to teach their Spanish Christian songs.

thursday bruce 044c 

I don't have any pictures of the face painting or salvation bracelet building, so you'll have to wait for someone else to post those. (hint, hint Angela!)

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  1. It is such a blessing to be able to log on and witness the ministry to Nagarote. The love of Christ is on the faces of each and everyone of you. You may get tire but God promises that He will sustain and keep you. You are an inspiration to me. To my wife Tammy, and my sons Justin and Dyllyn I love you and miss you.
    Lee Giles / Dad


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