Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La nina

La nina es dormida. Translation --> The little girl is sleeping.

Each of us is learning a little--very little--Spanish. Even Charlotte has learned to say hola. I have learned to tell people Charlotte is sleeping when the see me without her and wonder where she is. I only lost Charlotte once, and it was at the church today. Just as Charlotte decided to run, a few kids asked me a question. I don't know what they asked since no comprender. I then ran after her and it wasn't long before some local mothers pointed me in the right direction.

From listening to the other members of our group, I think we all agree that the people of Nagarote have been very friendly. Many of the children and adults enjoy playing with Charlotte. The teens seem to always be kicking around a soccer ball football.

Even the guy holding the shotgun and the metal detector outside the bank where we convert our money was nice as he made sure we were safe to enter the bank. I use that mostly to illustrate that Nicaragua is still the real world. It can be easy to romanticize short-term foreign missions. We come here, everyone is nice, we give out candy, share the gospel, and we go home full of wonderful stories about the wonderful time we had with the wonderful people of [insert country visited].

It's true people have been great. But it's also true that the people of Nicaragua still need Jesus. Jesus te ama.

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  1. Hi again family! Just wanted you to know that I printed off and framed the beautiful picture of the whole group standing in front of that "ancient tree." Angel is taking it to VBS tonight and is displaying it beside the globe on which she has pointed out Nicaragua. She and Mary Ann are doing the missions presentation each night and so your trip fits right in with what they are doing. Ain't God's timing somethin'? He's never in a hurry but He's always on time! Stay cool Dianna! NO MORE HEAT STROKES ALLOWED! Love to all!
    Dr. Darlene Anderson (A.K.A. Dianna's Sister, Ricky and Tammy's Aunt, and Rebecca, Dyllyn and Justyn's Great-Aunt. Whew!)


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