Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alfa y Omega VBS

Justin plays soccer with the children.
Aaron explains the way gringos play soccer.

Steve makes music shakers with the children.

Rebecca and Angela teach the children a song.

The kids are ready to get started! They even posted a welcome sign on their wall.

We had an amazing morning. We went to a local church, Alfa y Omega, and hosted a Vacation Bible School. We had about 250-300 children in attendance! Each of our team members were swarmed with children as we shared our crafts, face painting, songs, games, music etc... Everyone is back at the hotel now getting refreshed for this evening's revival that will be at the church. Pray that seeds will be planted in the hearts of the people of Nagarote.

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  1. Please post an update on Dianna. I have talked with 2 different people asking how she is and it would be nice if ytou could post an update about her.

    God Bless!


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