Thursday, July 9, 2009

Praise & Prayer

Eight people made decisions of faith last night during our revival that Rick preached!

Dianna says - thank you for your prayers, she is feeling much better!

Rebecca - "I miss you , Mommy!" Gloria Dios

Justin - Requests prayer for health and safety of our team

Jennifer - Pray for Charlotte. She had a fever last night. She is not eating enough food. She is drinking plenty of fluids, but needs to eat more. She is definitely better this morning as her fever is gone, but still needs prayer for her appetite. (It is o.k. G-Ma)

Rick - Three people came to Rick last night at the end of revival for prayer from him. Two needs are health related and one is a spiritual need. Through the language barrier, we are not aware of the specifics, but God knows their needs!

Aaron - Has been coined "Rojo" by the locals. It is funny to see all the people look at his red head!

Pray for our time today with the Dream of Louisa school as we share a VBS with them and share the plan of salvation.

Steve- Continue to uplift and pray for the family that Steve & Angela have "adopted" here in Nagarote.

Stephanie - Thanks God for the safe trip here.....flying was very scary for her!

Todd - Misses his family and friends..... says the food here is amazing! I second that! We will trade warm water for this food any day!

Thank you ALL for your continued prayers!!!! Keep it up!!!!

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  1. Good morning to all,
    I hope Charlotte is better. You all were the top of the conversation last night at youth. I took my laptop to church so they could read you blogs. They all loved the work you are doing and especially the pictures.

    Look at the town you are in on Google Earth. WOW you are really in the middle of nowhere.

    Stay safe, and continue doing the amazing work of our Father. You are changing lives forever.

    Blessed wishes,
    Maureen and family

    What is the first food/drink you are wanting to get when your flight arrives back here in the USA?


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