Thursday, July 9, 2009


Gracias por la cena

The cook at Hostal Jerusalen stayed late for our team to get back from the church meeting. So, at 9:20pm, as the team was funneling in, I used my online translation service to learn a new phrase.

Thank you for making dinner.


  1. It is wonderful hearing about the adventures that each and every one of you are experiencing. God has Blessed each of you during this time and to have 8 decisions being made on the 1st night of Revival is truly amazing. Several people are praying for this team. I prayer the everyone is staying healthy!

    Rick & Rebecca...I miss you both and I am very proud of you guys stepping out in faith and doing this ministry. I Love you guys!

    God Bless,

  2. Please tell Dianna that the class loved the picture of everyone standing in front of that "ancient tree!" The results are now in from our week long VBS: 54 people got saved and 35 of them were baptized last night! After Pastor Jeff finished baptizing them I thought he would be exhausted but he was on Cloud 9! We are all so grateful that we were able to download your pictures and use them as a "current" missionary emphasis. Like I said before...ain't God's timing something? Oh! Please tell Dianna that I called her church today and gave them the number of the decisions you have had. They will probably announce it in services tomorrow. Love to all! Dr. Darlene Anderson P.S. Dianna, if you haven't heard, the Winter Haven Manor caught fire yesterday on the second floor. Fortunately, everyone got out safely but the whole place is still filled with the smell of smoke.


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