Friday, July 10, 2009

More photos

This house has five children ages 9 and younger.
Their mother passed away three months ago, then
their grandfather came to take care of them. He passed
a few weeks ago, now there is no one left to care for
them. They are living alone now.

This girl had to stay home from school to take
care of her younger siblings while her mother
went to town to try to make some money.


  1. WOW!! I just had a reality check looking at those pictures, our AC went out about 6 months ago and we put some window units in to get by till we can afford to put new a unit in. Then I look at the place where these folks live and makes me ashamed that I complain about such trevial things. We are a spoiled nation...Amen

  2. Gosh, I just keep looking at those pictures of the shacks that people live in and I think about a shed that I have in the back of my house that is 20'x20'that would be a Mansion to them and even the 10'x10' that I built to put my lawn mower in,is more suitable for living than some of the places in your pictures. Those children that are by themselves will the community help with them or... wow you just don't see that kind of thing here. I'll say it again we are a blessed nation but man we...I mean I am spoiled. Thanks for let me get a paper towel and wipe my eyes,
    Later Freddie


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