Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tammy Here!

I am so proud of our teenagers. They have really jumped in and helped. Watching them play in the streets with the local kids is so amazing, they do not let the language barrier get between them. They just go out and have fun. Justin and Dyllyn you have completely touched my heart the way you guys go out and play futbol with the locals. I am so glad you guys get to have this opportunity to come and show the love we have for others and to let them know about Jesus.


  1. We are continually praying for each one of you as you minister to others about Jesus.
    Athens Baptist Church is praying as a Church as well. I am so proud of Tammy, my daughter, and Justin, grandson,and Dyllon, as they share the gospel through playing ball,face painting, even sharing a smile to others.

    In Christ's Love,
    Ann and Josh
    Mike, Carrie, and Hayden

  2. To Tammy,my daughter, and Justin, my grandson and Dyllon. Glad to see you are having a good adventure. Hopefully you will learn why I spent three tours in Viet Nam with the Marines. I found those people were worth fighting for and their country was like visting the Smokey Mountains. Bring back good memories and leave something of your self with these people. Your friendship and caring will be the only thing they will know about how we in the United States do really care about the world. Take care my daughter and family.

    Daddy (John) and Judy Workman


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