Monday, July 6, 2009

Travel Day

God is amazing! He got all of us to Managua safely (after a 1travel day 005c hour flight delay and some mild turbulence) and showed us his mercy and love, along with some beautiful scenery, along the way.

The weather has been cooler here today than I think any of us anticipated. It helped that it was overcast with the nicest breeze.

travel day 026cWe received an extra blessing at customs. Rafael told them we were a very large group, with TONS of bags. They decided to just wave us all through. No one had to trouble with opening luggage and showing off a bunch of supplies and clothes.

At the airport, after assembling the collective luggage of 18 people, we loaded unto a bus that had no air conditioning, but did have a TV. Odd. And there was a lot of honking. It is just another form of communication, or greeting even, and doesn't necessarily mean "get out of my way!" the way it might in the US.

On our bus ride to Managua, we stopped for a photo opportunity at the cone volcanoes Momotombo and Momotonbito. It was the travel day 043cperfect opportunity for newlyweds Joe & Shelley to take a picture. It might not be the volcanoes of  Hawaii like some couples prefer, but the volcanoes of Nicaragua are romantic enough for this couple serving the Lord.  (I can't find my picture of them right now, but here is one of the volcanoes for you to enjoy the scenery.)

When we arrived at Hostal Jerusalen, they showed us directly to our rooms which have been newly updated with hot water! Praise God! After unloading our luggage, we came back to the dining room for a late lunch of ham and cheese. They weren't kidding when they said we'd have to eat with one hand to keep the flies from landing!

After lunch, some of the group decided to break out the soccer balls and bubbles to play with some neighborhood children andtravel day 065c teens. That was a lot of fun and helped us introduce ourselves to some of them. I think Aaron and Todd passed out candy too. I guess that helped with the smiles some. :)

Now, we sit around enjoying one another's company and singing travel day 081c the praises of the Lord to the the guitar playing of Steve, Aaron, and Todd. The smell of something truly delicious comes to us from the kitchen.


Rafael, Gertrudis, and Rick are working on their third version of travel day 086c our schedule. I'll post any changes when I get a chance. If all goes well, this should upload by the time we are done eating.

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  1. Hello hermanas and hermanos,
    Hello my wife Tammy and children. You have no idea how this mission impacts you until you are on this end. We have no control with concern to God's provintial will. All I can say is that I sit here with tears flowing down my face seeing all that God has for not only the group, but my family to fullfill His mission. I am constantly in prayer for the entire group. I know that God has a special will for you to acomplish. The one person that you will collectively influence will have an impact on thousands for the Kingdom. We may not know who that person is, but, just love as Christ does every time you get a chance. I may miss my wife and children but it gives me great joy to know that they are a part of something that God Himself has ordained. I love you all and pray for you each and everyone by name to be used by God in a way that will not only change the life of someone that you would not have met unless you submitted unto His calling but everyone that that person will efectually make an impact on for His Kingdom. I love each and everyone of you and esspecially Tammy and Justin and Dyllyn, you make me proud to be yours. I am forever yours. I Love You!


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