Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From a Teenager's Perspective

Freddie asked in the comments what the teenagers were thinking about this mission experience. So, instead of trying to translate their words... I thought I'd just hand over the laptop and let them share themselves.

Stephanie - It is hard to grasp that people actually have to live the way they do. Some of the houses we visited were shocking... they were made from scraps of metal, wood, and even towels. It's scary seeing that they can survive like that... I am so much more grateful for everything that I am so blessed to have. It's been really funny trying to communicate with people who speak a completely different language. :] I have learned tons of new Spanish vocabulary.

Todd - This trip has truly changed all aspects of my life, and we're not even through yet!  The people here are so nice and just show compassion even when they might have not eaten a meal in days or they live in a house made of cardboard and 50 gallon drums, literally.  My best friend down here, Karen, is deaf and about as poor as anyone here, but I didn't know she was poor until Raphael told me.  She is always upbeat and laughing and signing things to me.  Some of the people from the last trip left her clothes and shoes and other things, whenever I go anywhere I tell her to come with me and I normally buy her an ice cream or a coke so she has gotten used to being treated like a queen and I'm glad I could bring joy to her while I'm here. On a lighter side my favorite part of this mission trip is definitely playing with the praise team at Alfa y Omega, a local church that we have been having revival at.  We sat around for an hour tonight playing praise and worship songs singing English and Spanish at the same time.  I felt so empowered while playing guitar and singing. 

Okay, well I'm typing WAY too much and you are bored of reading already so, I love Nicaragua. Nicaragua needs love.  I'm so glad I had an opportunity to come here and experience their culture and see their need for God.

This has been an internet announcement from Todd Daniels.  Thank you for reading, tune in next time to watch Todd fall off of a unicycle and see how many rocks he has to pick out of his forehead.

God bless,  Todd Daniels [the locals call me Tost]

Justin - Nicaragua was an amazing experience, everything about was great the beauty of the country and the lack of technology.  I was proud to be apart of this trip and everyone who went was great and enjoyable to be around.  It was a break from life and the lifestyle I live in the states.  The trip not only benefited the people of Nicaragua but it really benefited us in a way that nothing else can.  I took a look at the life I lived in the states and the life I lived here and it taught me to be more thankful for the stuff I own and where I live and the way I live.  It taught me to be proud of the United States. 

My prediction of the people of Nicaragua was not to far off but I didn't think they were going to be that nice.  As with everything there is always an exception like this crazy drunk bum who started  walking toward me and pointing   saying loads of stuff who knows what,  but  Raphael told him "get out here" Raphael has my back.  The rest of the people were great and always smiling which surprised me because they understand the life they live and  the life of the people of the U.S. . How could they be so happy?

Rebecca - Hi, it's me. I haven't been able to type anything because we have all been busy.  All that I can tell you right now is that I am very thankful that God is an awesome God.  He has worked  miracles non-stop since we have gotten here. I have that feeling that i don't want to leave here because there is so much left that we can do. But someone said that right now the best thing we can do is come home and tell everyone of the need here and figure out what we can do in the future. I miss my familia and hope that they miss me too. I will have to tell you my stories when I get home   because it's hard to explain in words. Love y'all and Gloria Dios.

Aaron -  I am gonna keep this really short and sweet. I have had the best time of my life and I want to stay here and help these people. Don't worry I will tell everyone all the experience I've had. Love you all. See you soon.

Dyllyn - So let me just say before I tell you my perspective, that this trip is definitely something that if you get the chance to do, do it.  
no second thoughts, just do it.

my perspective of the trip:
this trip has changed my entire view of life. It made me realize how stingy, greedy, mean, and out of line, not just me, but America in general. I am not saying everyone is that way, I am just giving you a general idea. I guess the saying "you don't know what you got until its gone" is absolutely true. I have seen many kids who have absolutely nothing, give so much more than we do. I'm not just talking materialistic things, I'm talking emotions and all. They Made me so much more happier than 80% of everyone I know. They took the time out of their life, to make us all feel special, give glory to god, make us things, laugh with us, etcetera. They have nothing and give everything, we have everything and give nothing. I am completely ecstatic that i got to experience this.

The kids here light up when they see you. It is so important that we are here, to them. I have made so many friends already, and we all know each other by name, even though we speak opposite languages. People say language is a barrier, I have proven that theory wrong. It is a small barrier, that if you put some effort forth, you can get around it.I communicate with a Hispanic girl who is deaf, on a daily basis. Now you tell me if language is a barrier.

People come back from mission trips changed, but they usually fall back into there old habits. That's because they don't keep up with there prayer, and bible life. They don't put forth enough effort to stay changed. When I come back I'm going to try to make an impact, and its going to be a constant impact, not just a one time deal. I hope if you go on a mission trip, you feel the same after. Stay strong. Another saying that is helpful, is "keep your eyes on the prize"

Well this is the conclusion on my perspective. Hopefully this helped, but this only scratches the surface of my view. Adios.

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