Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It Was a 3-Hour Tour, A 3-Hour Tour

Fortunately, our 3-hour tour around Nagarote won't be as infamous as the on taken by the mates of Gilligan's Island. Maybe it was because we have God on our side. :)

monday bruce 005c Most of the group set off on foot, while a couple of us decided to take advantage of the bicycle carts waiting for us outside Hostel Jerusalen. It only cost us $80 cordova (~$4 US dollars) for the roughly 2-hour ride.

monday bruce 020c

First, we saw the old train station, which is where we plan to show  The Jesus Film on Sunday.

monday bruce 012c

monday bruce 026c

Somewhere along the way, (I am sure this post isn't in chronological order) we also visited the oldest tree in Nagarote. Angela already showed you the group shot in the post below, but here is a picture of the tree - ~1,000 years old.

When we took a break to get "una coca" (1 coke), we also visited a historic church that is being renovated.

monday bruce 029c

Then we headed over to the new library in Nagarote. It cost about $2 million cordova (~$100,000 US dollars) and includes a room monday bruce 036cfull of computers. But they were sure to point out that only the good students were allowed to use them. Directly across the street from the library is the home of Gertrudis' family. (Pictured left)

In the afternoon, we spent time preparing for the first Children's Festival tomorrow. Rafael & Rick met with some local pastors to discuss their needs and how we might be able to meet them.

There were some really great stories today an I hope the people who experienced them get a chance to share them with you later this week as time permits.

Oh, and for those interested, lunch today was steak with rice, plantains, and tomatoes. For dinner we enjoyed a quesadilla type snack with beans and rice. But don't despair on our behalf, the beans were cooked using a different recipe and were delicious! Just like all our other meals.

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  1. Hey I thought of a fund raiser for a trip next year you can buy a couple of those bicycle carts and give rides in FP to Micky D's, Pizza Box, Frostbite, Church.... I think you will have to get more than $4 for a 2 hour ride to make it worth your while. LOL!!
    Hope all is going well,looking forward to hearing from you all later,in our prayers, Freddie


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